American style

Saturday, 24 April 2010
Before going to America I imagined LA and LV being full of pretty things, pretty people and pretty clothes. I couldn't spend as much time in both cities as I wanted, but from the time I was there, it was pretty...well pretty! Obviously the streets are cleaner than England for a start! FYI ladies, there were some pretty nice guys out there too! I'm really gutted that I couldn't spend more time in Las Vegas though! I'll definitely be going back, but this time I'll have to spend at least a week there. I need to see if anyone will be willing to go with me though...I have tried and failed, with organising girlie holidays! Only once has it been a success!

Wearing: Printed top, Necklace, Sunglasses all New Look. Oversized bag, Dorothy Perkins.

Same as above; Jacket, H&M

We was driving through a storm on the way to Las Vegas, caught this on camera!

How my hair was done for bridesmaid...

Wearing: Printed cardigan, ASOS. Printed Tshirt, can't remember!

As everyone can see, I'm a high street girl!
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