Monday, 26 July 2010
What is love...? Quite a cheesy question to ask I know! What made me ask I hear you say? Seeing an elderly couple over the weekend, walking hand in hand by the park, not talking to each other but had a sweet smile across their face...wish I had my camera to capture a rare sight of real love!
It made me realise, how often have I seen a happy elderly couple? Only a handful of times! Makes me sad to think real love is pretty rare nowadays, considering divorce rate is raising like our ocean levels! OK, I need to get to my 'fashion point', as I've said in my previous posts, my love life is pretty much non-existent gets all my love!

How can you not fall in love with this collection by Vera Wang. Mostly in shades of blacks (kind of reflects my mood right now) but very sexy & elegant. My fav is the one-off shoulder piece.

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A love for Versace

Sunday, 25 July 2010
Sexy thigh high splits & cut-out panel dresses were seen at the Versace catwalk shows in Milan. Even though they look absolutely gorgeous, can't say I'll be able to wear them. I would definitely need legs to-die for...which could be achieved if I had a personal trainer (no way would I have the motivation to do it all on my own)!
The collection also sucks you in with its deep purples & bright reds...which gives me a real autumn/winter feel.

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Single but gorgeous

Thursday, 22 July 2010
Being single sucks...some would say. I've heard this being said many times before, in fact I've said it myself! When you're a mid-twenty something year old and you have your mum giving you the "when I was your age, I had so and so kids", doesn't help!
What I've decided is, forget looking for a man, let them come to me whilst I concentrate on career! Career over men any day!
Besides, being single means I have more money (for that all important dress), very important...well maybe not but still, I have to think of something good for all the singletons out there.

This lovely collection by Matthew Williamson is enough to keep me happy though. The designer may be a man but he's different, as are all of the male designers out there with women in mind...they know how to make us look gorgeous!!

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Sexy animal

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Strong sultry eyes, flawless skin, gorgeous print dresses teamed with wind-in-hair curls...all seen at the Diane Von Furstenberg shows in New York. Soft flowing fabrics, elegant with a hint of sexiness, I absolutely loved this collection. I'm mesmerised but the multidimensional eye make up done by James Kaliardos (first pic). Love the orange/black one shoulder dress.

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Fashion indulge

Thursday, 15 July 2010
Love this picture, the colours, the style...gorgeous! Somehow it reminds me of a dessert...strawberry cheescake! Just what I need at the moment, something to cheer me up. Even though it's Friday tomorrow, that thought has still failed to help me. Fashion has become my medicine.

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Photo of the day

Tuesday, 13 July 2010
Love the tones of make up used here, light brown/golden with a hint of colour to the eyes.

Sorry for the blurry shot, took this in a hurry! :)

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Welcome...sunny England!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Brown sunglasses, heart print sunglasses case; both Topshop

When the sun decided to come out to play a few weeks ago, I thought it will only be a few days before it'll go back into hiding again. Little did I (and the whole of England) knew, a serious heatwave was about to attack us!
The infamous weather forecast prediction last year of a "barbecue summer" was correct...but it looks like they got the year mixed up, no barbecue summer for 2009 but we sure are getting barbecued this year!

Only because of this "miracle" I decided to get my hands on a pair of Topshop shades! After a while of touching/trying/looking at them, I thought...what the hell! Although it didn't cost hundreds, I usually tend to only buy shades from H&M, which are cheaper!
Shows how much the sun can do to you...hope everyone had a lovely weekend, whatever the weather!

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The Style Awards

Thursday, 1 July 2010
Clothes Show Style awards in association with OK Magazine kicked off the evening. I should have uploaded these pictures first!
Presented by George Lamb, with performances by Paloma Faith, The Wanted and
Esmée Denters.

Our host for the evening, George Lamb

New boyband, The Wanted

Below: Fashion expert Caryn Franklin, and the Chairman of British Fashion Council Harold Tillman presented some awards

Here are the categories and winners...

Sorry for blurry picture! Should read: Jamie Stevens

Award presented by Dave Berry

Singer Esmée Denters

I thought I'd upload these pictures too... sister Mandy (serious poser) working the red carpet!
My SLR battery died on me, so these blurry shots were taken on my Blackberry.

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