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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Brown sunglasses, heart print sunglasses case; both Topshop

When the sun decided to come out to play a few weeks ago, I thought it will only be a few days before it'll go back into hiding again. Little did I (and the whole of England) knew, a serious heatwave was about to attack us!
The infamous weather forecast prediction last year of a "barbecue summer" was correct...but it looks like they got the year mixed up, no barbecue summer for 2009 but we sure are getting barbecued this year!

Only because of this "miracle" I decided to get my hands on a pair of Topshop shades! After a while of touching/trying/looking at them, I thought...what the hell! Although it didn't cost hundreds, I usually tend to only buy shades from H&M, which are cheaper!
Shows how much the sun can do to you...hope everyone had a lovely weekend, whatever the weather!

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kirstyb said...

oh i love them xxxx

Precilla said...

Thanks for your comment!!

It's so cute! Topshop always has great things

Tenny said...

those are too cute!


Lee Oliveira said...

Great sunbird. I hope you have some more opportunities to wear them this summer. So jealous. It's winter hear in Australia.


LA said...

I love these sunnies!


The Queen of Hearts said...

Why is it that Topshop always seems like naturally cooler overseas? Love the sunnies!

The Black Queen

M. and O. said...

Really nice sunglasses,

xox from France.
Olivia & Mariam


jordanaa said...

i cant wait for a topshop in Toronto!! im so jealous of everyone that can shop there!

great blog!
check mine out if your bored :)


Hilde said...

Beautiful sunglasses!