Go on...show us your thighs for A/W 2010!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010
For the past few posts I've been talking about the trends for Autumn/Winter 2010. Since London Fashion Week won't be kicking off until 17th Sept, I'll be talking about more trends seen on the catwalks at the last season to quench our thirst!
My favourite mini-trend for the last few years has to be, what I call, 'Japanese-inspired' trend...knee/thigh high socks with heels. I'm so glad it has been huge on the runway for A/W. Whether it be, chunky thigh-highs or just over-the-knee, the designers from Paris, Milan, New York & London were all wrapping their models in them.

Alexander Wang


Gaspard Yurkievich


Alexander Wang

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Skinny is best

Monday, 30 August 2010
When it comes to waist belts for A/W, the trend is...go skinny. I've always preferred the slim belts, it still accentuates your waist. I find with the wide belts it gives you the...tense look, all strapped in!
Thanks to designers like Prada, Margaret Howell, and Fendi (as seen here) we can all finally...breathe! Once you've mastered the art of the 'special' loop, it's a real winner.

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Source: W Fashion, W Korea

An eye for detail

Sunday, 22 August 2010
Dramatic glasses were seen all over the autumn/winter catwalks. We saw 'cat-shaped' glasses on the Prada shows, ski goggles were seen at D&G, and Moschino had their models strut down the catwalk in blacked-out oversized sunglasses.

Although it looks really cool on the catwalks, I don't think I'll be brave enough to actually get glasses in that shape! I think I'll stick to these Jasper Conran instead...I've recently got my new glasses (I'm short sighted in one eye, and long sighted in the other)!

Why I've got 2 pairs? One for home, the other for work!

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Trend alert for Autumn/Winter 2010

Thursday, 19 August 2010
One trend here to stay has to be leopard print. Seen all over the A/W 2010 catwalks, the Roberto Cavalli shows were dominated by washed-out leopard prints.
I thought I only had a tiny weeny crush on this trend, but judging by the size of my collection, I think I've fallen head over heels in love with it without even realising!

What about you, love or loathe?

Belt & scarf; both Primark

Bangle & Belt; both New Look (I think), Earrings; ASOS

T-Shirt & over-sized tank top; both H&M

I've even got a leopard print umbrella!

Umbrella; H&M

Oh, and not forgetting the camera strap I purchased recently from PhatStraps, which I've received! Just quite hard taking picture of it when it's on the camera! This is it...

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We all love a bargain...kids & tourists come as standard!

Sunday, 15 August 2010
Shopping may be a thing only us girls love, but when it comes to bargains, even the guys will be loving it.
The only problem is, I hate the shops at this time! The only days I can go shopping are the weekends, which are the most danger
ous days of the week! The kids are released and the tourists turn into snails...in fact, I've been shopping in Central London less than 5 times this year! I try to avoid it at all cost, all because of the 'human hazards' on the pavements! Basically, if I said 'I went shopping in Central London yesterday', then something dramatic must have happened to me!
Instead I revert to internet shopping, you get all the bargains without the drama. If I am ever in need of a 'real' shopping spree, I opt for shopping centres like Westfield or Bluewater to name a few.

These sunglasses & shoes sure was a bargain, the sunglasses were free and the shoes were less than £15 (can't remember exact price now). See, it was worth it going into every single shop after all.

I love the flower detail on these glasses, kind of gives it a vintage feel

These shoes looks like a shoe-boot at first glance, and the heel isn't too high, which is perfect for me.

Sunglasses; New Look. Shoes; Peacocks.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Winter really is just around the corner, Selfridges in Oxford Street have already got their Christmas goods on sale! A big fat Christmas tree in the middle of August...how depressing! This year, I think I'll have to count Christmas like another Valentines Day...pretty darn depressing! I'm just clinging onto the hope of invites to countless Xmas & New Year parties to make things a little more cheery!
Oh my, can't believe I was just talking about Xmas already! Lets get back to summer...another 2 new pieces to add to my collection are these dresses. I have been going over-board on the dresses lately, haven't mastered the art of 'budgeting'!

Grecian style slouchy dress, H&M

Frilly baby doll dress, Cult (should have ironed this dress first, oops)!

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Join the Cult

Friday, 6 August 2010
Another floral number to add to my wardrobe. As mentioned earlier in my blog, last weekend Cult Store dragged my eyes (and body) into their shop with their Japanese inspired designs/vintage Americana style .
I love the flowing fabric, the colour and the clinched in waist design of this dress. Plus the black background gives an illusion of slimmer everything, always a winner!
What I've found with a lot of dresses on the high street is, the fabrics are so thin the dress becomes see-through! I've notice this on a lot of H&M jersey dresses, and ASOS dresses (although that still doesn't deter me from shopping there)! But this dress has another layer underneath, silk, to be exact. If you were to take away the extra layer, I'm practically not wearing anything (I've tried it)!
So...this is pretty and clever.

I, for some reason like the fact that this shot is blurry!

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Zebra where are you?...I'll take the leopard then!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010
I've been desperately trying to get hold of a gorgeous fashion strap for my camera for ages now. This zebra one from YesStyle caught my eye, but I only turn my head for a few hours and....it was no longer available!! So SO upset! Until that is...

...I found this

...this leopard print strap from PhatStrap calmed me down! All the way from America, not cheap considering its a strap! But, when you like something, and you need something to cheer you up...it's worth it (as L'Oreal says "you're worth it)!
Now, I have to wait and wait until this 'custom hand-made' baby arrives! I hope it doesn't get held up by customs, always does when you get deliveries from America, sooo annoying!

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Girlie but not that girlie

Sunday, 1 August 2010
Florals/ditzy print dresses have been around for a while. When it first came back on the scene a few years ago, I was reluctant to try them. Mainly because anything too girlie never gets my approval (something my friends/family still don't get come Christmas time). I mean sure, I don't mind the cute little cuddly bears to get me all oohhing and ahhing, or maybe the cute accessories for my phone or camera. But I'm not the type to have everything pink 'n' perfect!
Back to the floral trend, it turns out it's actually not how I thought it'll be:

  1. They're not too girlie; you can toughen it up with a leather jacket
  2. It's versatile; you can wear it whatever the weather, tights for Autumn/Winter or go bare legged for Spring/Summer
  3. There are some really gorgeous pieces out there; one with a dark background seem to be more slimming too
So, for my first proper Saturday shopping spree I've had in a while yesterday, I didn't leave without getting any dresses (although my aim was to get sandals)! I did over-do it just a tad...in my defense, the brand new Cult store opened in Lakeside Shopping Centre! Japanese influences with vintage Americana style, how could I resist!

Keep posted for my other 'buys' I'll be posting.

Floral dress; New Look, Limited addition
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