Girlie but not that girlie

Sunday, 1 August 2010
Florals/ditzy print dresses have been around for a while. When it first came back on the scene a few years ago, I was reluctant to try them. Mainly because anything too girlie never gets my approval (something my friends/family still don't get come Christmas time). I mean sure, I don't mind the cute little cuddly bears to get me all oohhing and ahhing, or maybe the cute accessories for my phone or camera. But I'm not the type to have everything pink 'n' perfect!
Back to the floral trend, it turns out it's actually not how I thought it'll be:

  1. They're not too girlie; you can toughen it up with a leather jacket
  2. It's versatile; you can wear it whatever the weather, tights for Autumn/Winter or go bare legged for Spring/Summer
  3. There are some really gorgeous pieces out there; one with a dark background seem to be more slimming too
So, for my first proper Saturday shopping spree I've had in a while yesterday, I didn't leave without getting any dresses (although my aim was to get sandals)! I did over-do it just a my defense, the brand new Cult store opened in Lakeside Shopping Centre! Japanese influences with vintage Americana style, how could I resist!

Keep posted for my other 'buys' I'll be posting.

Floral dress; New Look, Limited addition
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Philli said...

Beautiful Dress.... :) Love the idea of a pretty floral dress with a biker jacket :)

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

The dress is lovely dear. And just like philli, the biker jacket look is totally in this fall so it would give your look a more adventurous touch. =D


kirstyb said...

love that dress its gorge xxxx

Katie said...

Looooove this dress!!! X

Princessan said...

Open back dresses are so in right now, and it looks great on you ... Definitely agree try to pair it with a biker jacket !

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valncami said...

great dress:)