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Friday, 6 August 2010
Another floral number to add to my wardrobe. As mentioned earlier in my blog, last weekend Cult Store dragged my eyes (and body) into their shop with their Japanese inspired designs/vintage Americana style .
I love the flowing fabric, the colour and the clinched in waist design of this dress. Plus the black background gives an illusion of slimmer everything, always a winner!
What I've found with a lot of dresses on the high street is, the fabrics are so thin the dress becomes see-through! I've notice this on a lot of H&M jersey dresses, and ASOS dresses (although that still doesn't deter me from shopping there)! But this dress has another layer underneath, silk, to be exact. If you were to take away the extra layer, I'm practically not wearing anything (I've tried it)!
So...this is pretty and clever.

I, for some reason like the fact that this shot is blurry!

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Style of a Fashionista said...

Florals are a fab addition to a wardrobe xoxo


Loving that dress as much as you.

Lisa xx

Princessan said...

You have a great taste in floral dresses ! Great blog...

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kirstyb said...

love that dress its gorge xxxx

Krimly said...

love the flowers and this dress is fantastic!

My Cherry Gum

Beckerman Girls said...

Love that red rose dress!!! FAB!Would you ever put it with leopard print? I love that combination.
xoThe Beckerman Girls

adrienne said...

i love the floral trend but i've yet to buy anything with the pattern! still waiting for the perfect one i suppose...
this is great on you!