We all love a bargain...kids & tourists come as standard!

Sunday, 15 August 2010
Shopping may be a thing only us girls love, but when it comes to bargains, even the guys will be loving it.
The only problem is, I hate the shops at this time! The only days I can go shopping are the weekends, which are the most danger
ous days of the week! The kids are released and the tourists turn into snails...in fact, I've been shopping in Central London less than 5 times this year! I try to avoid it at all cost, all because of the 'human hazards' on the pavements! Basically, if I said 'I went shopping in Central London yesterday', then something dramatic must have happened to me!
Instead I revert to internet shopping, you get all the bargains without the drama. If I am ever in need of a 'real' shopping spree, I opt for shopping centres like Westfield or Bluewater to name a few.

These sunglasses & shoes sure was a bargain, the sunglasses were free and the shoes were less than £15 (can't remember exact price now). See, it was worth it going into every single shop after all.

I love the flower detail on these glasses, kind of gives it a vintage feel

These shoes looks like a shoe-boot at first glance, and the heel isn't too high, which is perfect for me.

Sunglasses; New Look. Shoes; Peacocks.

© FashionsBeauty - Cindy Wong (Previously Voong)

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those sunglasses are the cutest!

kirstyb said...

great post x

Becca. said...

gorgeous shoes in the last photo!


Haidée said...

love the shades



devilishlypleasurable said...

gorgeous shoes!

love your blog. . following you and adding you to my blogroll when i update it next :)