Zebra where are you?...I'll take the leopard then!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010
I've been desperately trying to get hold of a gorgeous fashion strap for my camera for ages now. This zebra one from YesStyle caught my eye, but I only turn my head for a few hours and....it was no longer available!! So SO upset! Until that is...

...I found this

...this leopard print strap from PhatStrap calmed me down! All the way from America, not cheap considering its a strap! But, when you like something, and you need something to cheer you up...it's worth it (as L'Oreal says "you're worth it)!
Now, I have to wait and wait until this 'custom hand-made' baby arrives! I hope it doesn't get held up by customs, always does when you get deliveries from America, sooo annoying!

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Rachel Lynne said...

I want a leopard print camera strap too! haven't seen one yet though, hope you get it soon!



kirstyb said...

loving the leopard print xxxx


oh so cute!

Ashley said...

Cuteee I love the leopard printed!

cel said...

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jamie-lee said...

Wow I never thought about getting a new camera strap.. darn now I have something else I want to buy lol


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Princessan said...

Just love the animal printed camera strap. I have to have it!!