Have a picnic with...Alex Monroe

Wednesday, 20 October 2010
Jewellery designer Alex Monroe really captures the 'beauty' in beautiful. When I first saw his designs I was literally doing the ooohhs and ahhhs! Soooo cute, and such delicate pieces you have to love them.
Alex has a real attention to detail, the initial design is hand-made by himself. He has fans from all over the world, already established a market in Japan, and has a celebrity fan club too from the likes of Sienna Miller, Thandie Newton and Lisa Snowdon to name a few.
Watch out for his designs in other parts of China too, as I've been told he'll be launching his products there soon!
I met the lovely Emma at London Fashion Week, and here are some gorgeous shots I received from her, the new S/S 2011 collection 'Daisy Bell'. The picnic basket, cup & saucer and cupcake made me go INSANE!

The other collections from Alex Monroe is available through his website, ASOS also sell some of his designs.

Apologies for the massive gap in blogging! I've been completly tied down with articles and articles! Will try and post once a week, at least!
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omg these are the cutest, love the first ones

head over heels said...

the picnic basket one is adorable! x

shuhshame said...

Sooo cute!

kirstyb said...

these are lovely x

Bio said...

thats just tooooooo cute! amazing. ;-)


kirstyb said...

love these pieces xxx

CMA said...

cute necklaces
love your blog
thanks for sharing, wonderful inspiration
i'll be back for sure


Catherine Hudson said...

OMG these are ridiculously cute! xxx

nrah. said...

omg they are so cute!! i want one now haha



Lacee Swan said...

such cute trinkets!!

Matilda Niklasson said...

oh lovely!

Stephanie Kaley said...

Omg- so cute! I want all of them <3 ^^


I Live For It said...

Love these! SO cute. Following you now!

XO, Liza and Jewls

macsupermarket said...

i love alex monroe jewellery wish i could afford some !!