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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

We all love freebies and giveaways, so I thought I'd spread the news that Vero Moda is opening its first store in London on Oxford Street tomorrow. For all you Londoners, look out for silver Vero Moda bags being handed out between 4th and 5th November. Each bag is a ticket to heaven...well, it entitles you to buy-one-get-one-free on the entire Vero Moda range to use during the opening weekend. Even if you miss that chance, turn up for the opening tomorrow at 10am and watch an exploding balloon drop not only glitter and confetti, but thousands of sliver tickets! The unbelievable keeps on coming; the first 100 customer to arrive at the store tomorrow will receive a gold bag to fill up with 3 items...for FREE! A free outfit, that's right! I'm kicking myself I can't be there tomorrow!
I grabbed the magazine this morning on the way to work, if it wasn't for the words VERO MODA with Dutch model Kim Noorda on the cover, which I saw from a mile away (not exactly a mile) I wouldn't have walked round in a circle to get it.
I've been a Vero Moda fan for a while, their feminine but edgy styles are a real winner for me. I'm so glad London finally has a store, will be paying a visit soon.
Anyway, if any of you girls make it tomorrow, let me know so I can be jealous!

Images via Vero Moda facebook

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head over heels said...

aaah i keep seeing this on everyones blogs and i can't go! :'(
sounds like its going to be amazing x

kirstyb said...

how fabulous x

jennifer lovenia said...

cute outfit..visit and follow my blog

Beckerman Girls said...

These are SUPER rad ads...great styling and love the poses!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

CMA said...

love your blog!
come visit COSMICaroline, it's being revamped and fired up with more posts and chic looks!


emwhyte said...

:) I love vero moda unfortunately in Canada I can never find any stores that it....we should cut a deal I'll send you Forever 21 & you can send me vero moda :) have a great weekend x

William said...

Looks like a great store, I will check it out when I am next in London. Lovely spread with the photos as well.

..R May A.. said...

Gorgeous post :)

Aissata said...

amazing photos, cute blog

this fashion lark. said...

lovee this brand! like your blogg x

Courtney Hope said...

i LOOVE the Animal/zebra off the shoulder top.
soo my STYLE.