Welcome 2011

Friday, 31 December 2010
The New Year will be upon us, this is the time when we look back on the past year and wonder whether we achieved anything. I remember making my New Years resolution for 2010, now it's that time of the year again.
2010 has been a different year for me. I experienced a lot of changes; some good, some bad but learnt a lot on the way.

Nothing beats a good fashion show - London Fashion Week, Clothes Show London and Clothes Show Live (In Birmingham) were all brilliant. In my opinion; Karl Lagerfeld gave us the best fashion shows during Fashion Week.
Above: The Karl Lagerfeld Teddy, cute! Below: Chanel S/S 2011 Fashion Show
Above and below: Maria Grachvogel at London Fashion Week

Clothes Show Live (Birmingham)

We also saw a new generation of designers born in 2010; I think it was a good year for the Chinese/Korean designers in particular; Jackie J. S. Lee, Chau Har Lee, Yi Fang Wan and Rok Hwang to name a few.
Above and below: JACKIE J. S. LEE

I've got way too many great photos to show you from the shows I've been too, can't upload them all. This goes to show what a great 'fashion year' I had!
I hope only good things will be coming our way in 2011, the beginning of all great things fashion I say! Happy New Year to all my gorgeous followers and readers!!

Lastly, lets all remember the talented designer that we lost in 2010...Alexander McQueen. He gave us extravagant designs and created powerful fashion shows. Lets all salute!

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Have a Fashionable Christmas!

Friday, 24 December 2010
I finally finished all my Christmas shopping yesterday; that is an improvement, because my lowest point once happened on a Christmas eve about 10 minutes before the shops were closing!

It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. For a start I was at the office this morning, only difference was I left at lunchtime. Secondly, I don't have any decorations put up :( this is the result of having the decorations left in the garden shed...a shed that has become the home of those eight-legged freaks!? And I'm talking nests!

Anyway, I'm so late but....I'd like to wish all my followers a joyful Christmas tomorrow (depending what country you are in, could be today)!
Here is the last part of my photo diary from Clothes Show Live...enjoy.

Gok Wan - backstage photocall
All images © Copyright Cindy Wong - Fashionsbeauty

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Clothes Show Live...Photo Diary Three

Friday, 17 December 2010
The run up to Christmas is always hectic! Thinking of gift ideas, shopping, articles and then before you know it, Christmas is next week! Eeek!
I've still got presents I need to get, with all the severe weather disruptions going on, there is no way I'll be doing any online shopping right now. If travelling comes to a standstill this weekend...I'm pretty messed up!
Panic not, calm down, think positive and a solution will come up...right?!
Anyway, here are the remaining shots from Clothes Show Live...as you will see, the girls were in for a treat!

Images © Copyright CIndy - Fashionsbeauty

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Clothes Show Live...Photo Diary Two

Friday, 10 December 2010
Clothes Show Live is now over, the NEC in Birmingham no longer has crowds of people fighting to grab their fashion must-haves, photographers have stop flashing their cameras, no more endless queues of people until...next year, when everything starts all over again.

The show was brilliant, as usual a mixture of dance and fashion. The catwalk show was definitely catered for women I must say (I'm not complaining, look at those pictures)! The show was presented by fashion guru Gok Wan, two topless male models walks out on stage to a mass of cheers (even male audience members were cheering)!

Enjoy the photos (click on any for the clearer and larger image)...I've got to dash! xoxo

Images © Copyright Cindy - Fashionsbeauty

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Clothes Show Live...Photo Diary One

Sunday, 5 December 2010
Here are some of the photos from Clothes Show Live yesterday. It sure was a great day; arrived at the press office and got my schedule for the day...jam-packed! So busy, I didn't have time to do any shopping! Sooo jealous of girls with bags and bags of clothes. 
Anyway, click on any photo for a clearer and larger image...


Images © Copyright Cindy - Fashionsbeauty

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