A 'snowy' Clothes Show Live

Friday, 3 December 2010
Happy weekend! Hope everyone has a fun-packed weekend. I'm getting ready for driving to Birmingham tomorrow for The Clothes Show Live event. I've been in December before, but not when it has been snowing, just hope it's safe up there.
I'm getting paranoid that I'll forget something, so I'm off to get everything sorted and prepared.
I'll leave you with some pictures I took yesterday I would like to share. I was unable to make it to work because of the snow! I mean, countries like Japan for example has tons of snow, but life still goes on. So why it is that when we have about 3-4inches of snow, we have no trains running, cabs and taxi are on the brink of not operating, and walking turns into ice-skating?! Seeing people falling off motorbikes has also become a regular sight, it freaks me out!
Anyway, since there was nothing I could do yesterday, the very casually dressed me...became a child for the day!

My car didn't escape the freeze!

Wearing: Parka Jacket, biker boots; both New Look | Scarf; vintage

The Blackberry was to blame for some of the blurry shots! :)

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Kristen Leotsakou said...

oooh! im sojealous right now! love the first shot in the snow!!!
following you! <3



Lateisha said...

love these pictures you look like you had fun im so not ready for the snow here in ny its the worse but you look cozy and comfy cute snow outfit :-)