Poor January

Friday, 14 January 2011
My first post of the year! Can't believe I haven't blogged for so long. Too many articles keeping me busy.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a brilliant start to the year. By now most of your New Year resolutions probably have been broken, the same goes with your bank account! January is never complete without some sale shopping.
I decided to opt for the more peaceful and less stressful way of shopping...the internet. So many choices, so little money I'd say.

One of my favourite items in the sale has to be these Shearling effect suede wedges from ASOS, £30. I'm kicking myself that it has now gone down to £28! Don't you just hate it when that happens?! Even though it's only £2, it's the principle that counts.

I will be teaming the boots with a loose top and some wet-look leggings. I've got loads of loose Tees in my wardrobe. But since I've become so into the minimalistic look recently, here's another Tee to add to my collection.

Loose Tee and Wet-look leggings; Both ASOS

Keep posted for some more of my favourite trends and styles.
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Las Rayas No Estilizan said...

I like the leggings, they are great!!

thanks for visiting


alessandra nitti said...

so cute :-)


em.me.ma said...

love the minimalist look. i really should try that but i always feel too bar

vergie said...

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THE said...

Good choices!

XO thefashionguitar

LaU said...

great post!


Becky-May said...

those leggings are amazing! i wish my legs looked that that though!

The Flower Girl



kirstyb said...

i must buy some more wet look leggings - i ripped mine boo hoo x

LizAnn said...

Great pieces! I really love the pale shirt in the first picture. It looks comfy and cute!

VPV Intern

fledgling said...

This Peach Color is so in right now!

Love Always Max and Vassiliki

katerina said...

love the leggings!

GlamorousGirl said...

love ur picks! nice blog! hope u check out mine!
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CMA said...

love your blog, please do keep it up!
i'll be back for sure!
and come visit COSMICaroline for an upcoming La Dama giveaway and a new photographer!


Princilla said...

nice post! :)
lets follow each other.. just tell me ;)

The Fashion Writress said...

Gorgeous new buys :) I actually have that supertrash top which you can see on top of that wet look leggings ahaha :)

I follw u now!


jamie-lee said...

those shoes are pretty fabulous - I love the idea of how you'll pair them too. Hehe I know what you mean about the money, I always hate when I buy something only to find it discounted further still in my size!

Aly said...

great post, thank you for sharing so many beautiful photos!



crystal glamour said...

great pieces :)

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Maebell said...

your blog feature is officially up(:



Downtown Diaries said...

Hi Cindy!! I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the "Stylish Blogger Award!" Love your blog!

visit mine for rules/details: www.dtdiaries.blogspot.com