For Japan with love

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Time for the bloggers to join in with helping the people in Japan. Blogger's day of silence tomorrow (Friday 18th March), no post for one day to honour those suffering in Japan following the devastating disaster.
Left to right: before the disaster, and after - completely destroyed
A women cries as she holds the hand of her dead mother under the rubble.
The freezing conditions makes it harder for rescuers
We're seeing images like these every day, but have you done your bit to help...For Japan with love.
Also, donate through the British red cross.


Images: Daily mail



Such devastation...we all need to pitch in as much as we can! said...

this was so devastating and it affected so many peoples lives, every one needs to help in any way. Great post!

raquel said...

desde EspaƱa apoyo a Japon.

Alyse said...

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