Fab Friday: Fruity, Yummy Jewellery

Friday, 27 May 2011
It's Friday already, wow! This week, I've got some delicious finds to share. Hannah Make Things is a online store selling cute and fun jewellery, all made by Central Saint Martins graduate Hannah Nuttall.

I have always been a fan of unusual jewellery, and especially the ones that make you go all oohh and ahh over how cute it is. Most of the brands that are selling those type of jewellery charge a ridiculous amount, I'd buy a designer handbag with that money instead!

The jewellery Hannah sells are at high-street prices, which means - affordable!
Above: Watermelon Necklace £12

Above: Cherry in Glass Necklace £12

The next two are so funny, I eat these all the time in the office (the real ones of course)!
Above: Jammie Dodger Biscuit Necklace £8

Above: Custard Cream Biscuit Necklace  £8
There are so much more, check out the Hannah Makes Things website for the full range.


Love Photography, Love David Drebin

Wednesday, 25 May 2011
I've mentioned talented New York-based photographer David Drebin on Fashions Beauty before, but when something is good it deserves more than one mention.
I'm always in awe at the sight of his work, especially his landscape shots! You would have thought he took a picture of a painting, it's that perfect.
For those of you who haven't heard of him, you will now. His work is intriguing and has a hint of fantasy, it's (landscape shots) almost too good to be true? Then you have his random shots, the way he can capture an air of mystery in each shot is just amazing.
I received an email a while ago and it reminded me why I loved his work so much. I fell in love with the picture called 'The Girl in Hong Kong', it's been my phone's wallpaper ever since. The amount of comments I've had from people, I should be getting some commission for the promotion!
Go on, admire...

Above: "Just for us"

Above: "Girl in Hong Kong" (My phone's wallpaper)
Above: "Over the Top"
Above: "City of Gold"
Above: "Burning Hills"
For more visit David's site or Guy Hepner

Images: via Guy Hepner


Fab Friday: Choose the perfect shades for your face

Friday, 20 May 2011
Round, oval, cat-shaped or oversized, it's not a crime to have more than two pairs of sunglasses. In fact, it should be a fashion crime if you only have one pair!
I have about seven (I think) but I will be adding another pair very soon...Ray bans!
After my giveaway on my blog a few weeks ago for a pair of Ray bans, I've become a little more than obsessed with them myself. Perhaps I could tempt you with one of these...

This will be my next buy...through Mister Spex - my giveaway sponser. Check out their site and follow them on twitter for the latest news and offers. Talking of which, I think it's coming closer to another designer giveaway to my readers and followers, follow me on twitter for the latest.
(It's actually bigger than it looks here). Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer; Mister Spex
The all time favourite in celebsville; from Lauren Conrad to Olivia Palermo, the stars are loving Ray-Ban.
Floral detail sunglasses; H&M
Since the floral dress may be too much for some of you, why not go with accessories instead. I got this floral number from H&M a while ago, it's so oversized I love it!
Tortoiseshell Small Cats Eye Sunglasses; Topshop
Another sunglasses from my collection; Topshop
Different face shapes suit different styles.If you have an oval face shape, count yourself the lucky ones because any style will look good on you, jealous? Me?!

Cindy's Tips: 
- Avoid frames the same shape as your face! 
- Round faces should go for wide frames. 
- Square faces suit round or oval frames. 
- Heart-shaped can get away with smaller styles in round or square.
    To make things more complicated, most people have a combination of face shapes. I fall into this category; round and oval. But you know how it was back in the young and silly days; try on a pair, find a mirror, swing your head from side to side, buy! The result? Only 3 pairs are regularly worn out of my 7.

    Don't make the same mistake girls! Oh, why not check out Mister Spex's online fitting service. It's so cool, just upload a picture of yourself, then select the glasses you want to try.


    Designs at China Fashion Week 2011

    Tuesday, 17 May 2011
    I saw these pictures a while back during China Fashion Week held in Beijing, thought I'd share these pictures with everyone.

    Dong Ming Collection
    The use of warm fur, sexy leather and glam full-length dresses. A rock chic collection with a feminine touch. 

    Dunnu Collection
    Soft structures, flowing fabrics, leather and jersey. An urban collection with a hint of elegance.

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    Fab Friday: Swimwear

    Friday, 13 May 2011
    The most miserable thing about living in the UK has got to be the British weather. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about the weather, oh so British. It's "our thing" apparently, when we have nothing to talk about, the weather becomes the topic. I can't really disagree, I've been guilty tons of times, here I am again rambling on!
    To all my fellow fashionista living in a country where you consider 16° Celsius (60.8° Fahrenheit) cold, let me tell you something; people are baring their legs in shorts and skirts here! Anything above 1°C (33.8°F) is pretty decent for us.
    So, since it's been a balmy 18 - 22°C (64.4 - 71.6°F) in the past few days, a golden sandy beach comes to mind. The first thing to lust over...swimwear! I've scrawled the web for some of the cute pieces; be it bikinis, or all-in-ones. Which type will you be sporting this summer?

    Colourful prints are my favourite. The small prints here are great on petite girls too.
    If you're too afraid of bright prints, go for calmer colours. Halter neck types are great for girls with big boobs who don't like under-wire types. Triangle and strapless aren't so flattering, unless you intend to flash!
    Pistols by Pistol Panties £79; through ASOS
    They may give you hilarious tan lines, but some all-in-one pieces are gorgeous.

    Pistols by Pistol Panties £140; through ASOS

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    NEW Feature - Fab Friday: Lace

    Friday, 6 May 2011
    A brand new feature on Fashions Beauty, I give you...Fab Friday! A dedicated 'how-to-wear' post every Friday of a favourite item or trend.
    Why? Well, just an excuse to make everyone's favourite day of the week more fabulous!

    This week, it's lace. We've seen it on the runways, on the celebs, and just recently on the infamous Royal Dress.
    It use to occur to me that lace was more of a table cloth thing! But more recently it has slowly found its way into my wardrobe. It's feminine, but not in a sickly way, elegant and makes an outfit more interesting. You can wear lace day or night...

    I'm loving the minimal accessorising, simple clean lines seen at the fashions shows. It makes you concentrate on the garment without distractions.
    H&M Lace Vest Top; £7.99 now £2.99!
    This lace top is completely see-through (I got one myself) so layer a plain vest underneath, this will also give some texture to your outfit.

    ASOS Red Demin leggings
    Throw on a pair of bright bottoms to inject some colour, working two trends at once.
    Add some va va voom to your outfit with lace, understated sexy I'd say.
    Wetlook leggings; Very.co.uk
    Leopard print platforms, box clutch; both ASOS
    Add platforms and a sexy box clutch and you're ready to go. Absolutely love the unusual clutch purse above.
    Now it's your turn, will you be sporting lace this season?

    P.s. I'll be hosting more designer giveaways soon, but only to my current followers of my blog and twitter, just a little something to say thanks! So make sure you follow if you don't already for a chance to enter, and keep following for all future giveaways.

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    Setareh Mohtarez featuring Queen of pop Joey Yung

    Tuesday, 3 May 2011
    Thousands of light years away, somewhere in our universe another galaxy is born. Named Setareh Mohtarez...no? Haven't heard of such galaxy? Well, once you set your eyes upon the creations of New York-based designer Setareh Mohtarez, you can't help but think of galaxies.
    Brightness Dawn collection
    Her designs have been featured in a few editorial magazines including Vogue Girl Korea, and she counts Hong Kong's queen of pop Joey Yung as her fan.
    Joey, who just held her first concert in London, wore a similar dress pictured above during the opening of her live show at the Royal Albert Hall, on Tuesday 26th April.
    Joey wanted a special dress for her show, and expressed that Setareh's signature galaxy-inspired design was perfect. For more images click here, and for more on Joey's outfits and the show visit A Columnist.

    Setareh's designs consists of fantasy elegance. Every garment combines colour, texture, structured with exaggerated swirls, and quite frankly...out of this world!

    Brightness Dawn collection
    Absolutely in love with the black dress above! Couldn't stop staring at it!

    It may not be the type of dress you and I would wear to go to the corner shop, but it is for sure...couture at its best.

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