Fab Friday: Choose the perfect shades for your face

Friday, 20 May 2011
Round, oval, cat-shaped or oversized, it's not a crime to have more than two pairs of sunglasses. In fact, it should be a fashion crime if you only have one pair!
I have about seven (I think) but I will be adding another pair very soon...Ray bans!
After my giveaway on my blog a few weeks ago for a pair of Ray bans, I've become a little more than obsessed with them myself. Perhaps I could tempt you with one of these...

This will be my next buy...through Mister Spex - my giveaway sponser. Check out their site and follow them on twitter for the latest news and offers. Talking of which, I think it's coming closer to another designer giveaway to my readers and followers, follow me on twitter for the latest.
(It's actually bigger than it looks here). Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer; Mister Spex
The all time favourite in celebsville; from Lauren Conrad to Olivia Palermo, the stars are loving Ray-Ban.
Floral detail sunglasses; H&M
Since the floral dress may be too much for some of you, why not go with accessories instead. I got this floral number from H&M a while ago, it's so oversized I love it!
Tortoiseshell Small Cats Eye Sunglasses; Topshop
Another sunglasses from my collection; Topshop
Different face shapes suit different styles.If you have an oval face shape, count yourself the lucky ones because any style will look good on you, jealous? Me?!

Cindy's Tips: 
- Avoid frames the same shape as your face! 
- Round faces should go for wide frames. 
- Square faces suit round or oval frames. 
- Heart-shaped can get away with smaller styles in round or square.
    To make things more complicated, most people have a combination of face shapes. I fall into this category; round and oval. But you know how it was back in the young and silly days; try on a pair, find a mirror, swing your head from side to side, buy! The result? Only 3 pairs are regularly worn out of my 7.

    Don't make the same mistake girls! Oh, why not check out Mister Spex's online fitting service. It's so cool, just upload a picture of yourself, then select the glasses you want to try.



    Alicia said...

    What a great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing & thanks for your sweet comment :)


    Lynzy said...

    Loving those topshop cat eye sunglasses! Great tutorial! ;)

    xo Lynzy

    Taj Acosta said...

    Great advices dear! I love the ray bans!! xo Happy wknd!

    Aprilia said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving love! :)
    I love reading new comments, hehe.
    I love the classic wayfarer. You can't go wrong with those, I reckon! I have a pair of the Ray Bans in white and I think I will have them forever!



    Fashion Me Chic said...

    Good for me with summer around the corner, shades are a must have. I am your new follower.

    Jlo said...

    Ray-ban wayfarer has always been my fav, but tat Top shop shades is irresistible!! <3



    Carlinn said...

    I love all of those!

    Candice said...

    Great tips!!
    I love sunglasses and try to keep a pair in all of my handbags! :)

    Flashes of Style said...

    Gorgeous glasses! Me likeyy