Fab Friday: Swimwear

Friday, 13 May 2011
The most miserable thing about living in the UK has got to be the British weather. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about the weather, oh so British. It's "our thing" apparently, when we have nothing to talk about, the weather becomes the topic. I can't really disagree, I've been guilty tons of times, here I am again rambling on!
To all my fellow fashionista living in a country where you consider 16° Celsius (60.8° Fahrenheit) cold, let me tell you something; people are baring their legs in shorts and skirts here! Anything above 1°C (33.8°F) is pretty decent for us.
So, since it's been a balmy 18 - 22°C (64.4 - 71.6°F) in the past few days, a golden sandy beach comes to mind. The first thing to lust over...swimwear! I've scrawled the web for some of the cute pieces; be it bikinis, or all-in-ones. Which type will you be sporting this summer?

Colourful prints are my favourite. The small prints here are great on petite girls too.
If you're too afraid of bright prints, go for calmer colours. Halter neck types are great for girls with big boobs who don't like under-wire types. Triangle and strapless aren't so flattering, unless you intend to flash!
Pistols by Pistol Panties £79; through ASOS
They may give you hilarious tan lines, but some all-in-one pieces are gorgeous.

Pistols by Pistol Panties £140; through ASOS

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Sarah said...

Oh they're gorgeous! I always imagine that all in ones that are strapless would just fall down though as you walk, haha!

Becca. said...

love the miss selfridge and the topshop bikini!

thanks for the comment on my blog,

Dilan Dilir said...

wish you a wonderful day!

BexiestBex said...

Wow! I love the final one from ASOS..however it's a little pricey for me!!

Bex xox


--Sanam-- said...

Great pics, and lol, I know what you mean. Rain and terrible weather is just so british, it sucks. :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Mariam et Olivia said...

The bikini in balck and white is BEAUTIFUL ! we love it

Kisses from France.
O & M


em.me.ma said...

beutiful! i want a new one for sure.


the nyanzi report said...

loved reading this post.


I was just looking for suits last night! I love the leopard print and striped suits...xo

Amber said...

I really like the bikinis, but i don't like the suits that connect in just the middle, I can't imagine the weird tanline I would get!