Designer vs High-Street?

Wednesday, 29 June 2011
I have never been the type to just splash out on designer, there has to be a "good" reason if I do. For a start, I don't do designer sprees (that would be painful), and I'm pretty well-controlled if I come face-to-face with Mulberry's latest collection.

To me, buying designer is like alcohol; only on special occasions! Of course the price tag helps; £1000 on one item, that could give me a week in the Maldives, ahh...the Maldives.

What do I think about receiving designer as a gift? Well, I wouldn't exactly decline if a hunk decides to give me a Chanel! Having said that, it's a lot better buying it myself. Even though initially it is painful, it's nice to feel like I have worked hard for it so I deserve it.

When it comes to designer, it's all about bags & accessories. Personally, I would splash out on a handbag but not so much on clothes, it's all about high-street for me on clothes.

Currently on my shopping list...
Chanel 2.55 Large Flap Bag; £1200
A real classic, I very much doubt Chanel will have a home in my wardrobe any time soon. I still can't stop thinking...Maldives Maldives!

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Neverfull MM; £480
I'll probably take Louis home soon, but can't decide between tote and shoulder bag?Hmm...
Mulberry Polly Push Lock; £850
Polly is so cute, and it adds a vintage touch to any outfit.

The latest addition to my designer family, welcome...Ray-Ban sunglasses. This one here is one of their new releases..
Ray-Ban RB4159 601/32; Mister Spex €130
These are from Mister Spex, the lovely sponsors of my giveaway a few months ago. They have a great range of designer eyewear to choose from.
I only received these on Monday evening so I've only just worn it today thanks to a thunderstorm yesterday! But it looks like it'll be getting a lot more vitamin D if the weatherman is correct.

So, are you a designer or high-street girl?



kirstyb said...

ill have that chanel bag pls xxxx

tessa said...

my two big designer crushes are that chanel quilted bag and the lv speedy. but i don't think i'll be buying either anytime soon.. so pricey :( but i agree with you, it's definitely something you save up for and treasure forever. one designer piece can accelerate any outfit from shabby to fabulous in an instant.

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Miss Woody said...

love it !