Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday, 21 June 2011
How do girls wear heels every single day? I wonder how much pain is behind that smile, and how many blisters they'd be faced with at the end of the day?
Don't get me wrong, I love heels. Every time I see a gorgeous pair I have the urge to buy, because there will always be an occasion where I'll need it right? Wrong!
I have got so many sitting there accumulating dust, literally. Most of which I've worn only once or twice.
What's more annoying is, when you try them on in-store they're comfy, but all hell is let loose after you've taken them out for a walk!

Having said that, I like the fact that I can still be 5"9 if I really wanted to. So, here is my latest addition...I'm probably borderline 5"10 in these!

Coloured straps plus a wooden chunky heel seen on the catwalks make these a winner!
Wooden platform shoes; Barratts
I've grown an addiction for handbags too lately, I bought two last week! The red bowling-style bag from Mango in previous post and this Topshop number...

The latest must-have handbag...a mini satchel.
Patent Mini Satchel; Topshop

What are you like when shopping?




those shoes & that bag are awesome!

Marrisa said...

I just bought myself some neutral colored strappy heels last week. I'm 5'8 standing, but I feel weird without heels. Flat and lower heels make me feel like I have big feet!

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Paola said...

answer:thank you so much for your comment!!!I'm looking forward to your next visit!!

Miss Bias said...

You've got to find the right sort of heels that suit you. I think it takes years to learn and then even when you know some heels will be painful you buy them anyway because they look so darn good.

Wedges are the best thing for fashionable height without the pain.

I like your new chunky heels.

Miss Bias

Sherrie Cola said...

Loving the shoes :)

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh your shoes are lush I love the colour!! I have a few pairs of heels I can wear all day long, it is just about finding the right ones, mind you I also have some I cant even walk in LOL! Enjoying your blog I am following, hope you will too, Pearl x

kirstyb said...

oh hello those shoes are gorge xxx

Dress Me Mag said...

Nice bag and shoes! I know how you mean about high heels but those look beyond comfortable!

Stefania said...

Omg those shoes.... I want them!!