Fab Friday: Issey Miyake, Miyake Issei

Friday, 29 July 2011
This week's Fab Friday is all about Japanese fashion designer Miyake Issei, the man behind the brand Issey Miyake.

One of the world's most innovative fashion designers, he created designs that are traditional yet contemporary, blending the west and east together.

Constantly experimenting with new fabrics, Miyake introduced garment pleating in his 1993 collection 'Pleats Please' after five years of research. Using single pieces of 100% polyester fabric, it was first cut and sewn then pleated. Rather than the usual method of pleated and then cut and sewn.
The fabric was then heat pressed between two sheets of paper to create a permanent pleat that made the clothes flexible, light and easy to care for.

Although an Issey Miyake pleated skirt will probably make you a few hundred pounds poorer, but no worries, you can have a bit of Issey Miyake in a bottle...perfume that is.

Issey Miyake AW11 Women




i like the light flowy fabrics

theinternetgarbage.com said...

Love this collection, very flowy and beautiful even if the last piece seems a bit unwearable in that form haha
The Internet Garbage

tessa said...

such fascinating shapes and textures!!


lydeeloo said...

love his innovation in designs. the bit about how he pleated was so interesting! xoxo

bni niu said...

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