Pure London 2011 Photo Diary...Part 2 PLUS London Riot

Friday, 12 August 2011
It's been a devastating week for some, and frightening one for others. London has become a lawless city all of a sudden. What first started off as a peaceful protest turned into a violent breakout that shattered the lives of innocent people. All for what? Whatever their "reason", it doesn't justify their actions. Going around burning peoples cars, looting and even...murdering.

On Monday evening, all I could hear were sirens and helicopters. The live footage from the news showed places nearby being attacked. I live near two supermarkets and a few electronic stores, all of which were targeted by looters. Our family was constantly worried about being a target, but thankfully we weren't.

Random people have lost everything in fires started by those thugs acting like terrorists. I have to count myself very lucky. Things have now calmed down a bit here hopefully it will never happen again.

Now, let's talk about something a bit more happier, Pure London August 2011. I still have tons of pictures to share with everyone...enjoy the pictures.

More photos to come...



danniekate said...

the riots were mental. i'm still in shock! hope you're all safe :) xx