Review: Cristina Sabaiduc SS12

Thursday, 29 September 2011
A traditional catwalk isn't good enough for Romanian-born fashion designer Cristina Sabaiduc. Her SS12 fashion show showcased during London Fashion Week was a real show for sure.

Held at the Hospital club in Covent Garden; I walked in to what felt like an art gallery exhibition. Pieces of garments were magnetically pinned to the wall!
All guests were lead to the centre of the room; from the floor markings, it was obvious that the models will walk around us. Everyone was looking around trying to figure out where the models will come out from.

Considering the fact that Cristina's AW10 fashion show had a little twist, I wasn't expecting a 'normal' fashion show this time either.

The models came out in leotards then stood in a line facing the guests.

It took a while to figure out the concept of the show. One at a time a model will strut across the catwalk to Cristina and a dresser, who then took pieces of clothing off the wall and dressed the model in front of the guests.

Great concept; only issue was, the VIPs and photographers' couldn't see anything as the models' were dressed on the other side. A few front-rowers had to stand on their seats to catch a glimpse!

Aside from all that, there was loads of layering going on in this collection - an absolute favourite of mine. A lot of versatility too; a wrap top was transformed into a maxi skirt, and then into a loose cardigan.
The patterns on the fabrics gave the collection a far-east Asia feel, almost ancient China.
Overall, I'd say it's a nice collection, with pieces I would wear. Although the floor plan could do with more, well, planning.



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