Preview LFW Feb 2012

Monday, 20 February 2012
What a crazy weekend it has been. I'm covering for Dress Me Magazine (USA) at London Fashion Week this season, and as predicted, I'm shattered! I never thought my limbs could twist and bend in the crazy positions I've been in! If I'm lucky, I get a great spot, pain-free. Otherwise, I'm squashed between my fellow photographers. One of which, was my human tripod for one show. Another photog had his legs almost entwined with mine. For a different show I "sat" on an invisible chair, and of course I have had my head stuck between two telescopic lens...nice! Aside from all that, I did get some great shots. That makes everything worth it. Although I did accidentally leave my flash on for the first show, yes, very stupid!

I've got some backstage shots which will be published in the next issue of DressMe, so will most of my catwalk shots, but here is a little preview of what happened in front of my lens...
Francesca Marotta AW12
Spijkers en Spikers AW12
Bernard Chandran AW12
Ashley Isham AW12
Pam Hogg AW12
Prose AW12
By the way; issue 7 of DressMe is now out, check it out. I talk about vintage this issue...


Wrap up Catwalk Style

Sunday, 12 February 2012
If you're in a country where it's snowing like crazy, you don't need me to tell you to wrap up. I've been desperately hunting down the perfect faux fur coat since...forever! When I find one, they never seem to have my size. Now, I've been told the temperature is set to rise (I'm not really complaining) so, there's no need for a fur coat now...until next time. In the meantime, some of you may still need that extra layer, so I'll leave you with some pictures I took earlier at Pure London Fashion Event to get you in the mood...

Brand: Derhy


Paris Haute Couture Spring 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012
Paris Couture Week may be over but my favourite Fashion Week city has yet again left another great impression. A catwalk set inside an aeroplane (fake one of course), huge nose rings worn through the middle of the nose, and stunning dresses that will make Lady Gaga horrified!

I'll probably be called a traitor for loving Paris more than London, but I have to be honest. Of course, the London designers are just as talented as the Parisians but I still have to give it up to the Parisians. They seem to add that extra something to every show.

Karl Largerfield raised the bar sky high this season (get it? Sky high!). The catwalk was turned into a luxury plane, which took five days to build. All different shades of blue were present in his collection; in fact, there were over 100 shades of blue. Mainly short dresses were visible, just stopping above the knee with low rise pockets. Teamed with crazy hair!

Going from one dramatic show to another...Givenchy SS12. The first thing I notice on the models are the nose jewellery! The way they are worn through the middle of the nose, it's almost tribally.
Different from Chanel's collection, every dress in this collection was a full length evening dress. The dresses are made from crocodile skin, that's right! Scale by scale, the skin is cut and eventually embroidered on fine silk tulle, 350 hours later...a dress that caresses the body. A controversial collection I'd say, haute couture always gets people talking. What's your take?

Images: Vogue