Swim in the Rain

Monday, 25 June 2012
Seriously depressing. It has been very October-like most mornings. Cold, wet and windy. I know British weather sucks but it is now starting to become so miserable I'm considering moving to LA!
To do a post about swimwear is probably not a good idea, but since the weather won't change whatever I do, so lets sod the rain and dream of beaches...

Butterfly wing bikini: Forever 21
Paintbomb print bikini: Topshop
Stripe halter neck bikini: Topshop
Halter necks are great for girls with a big bust.
Oasis anchor print playsuit: ASOS
River Island ditsy print playsuit: ASOS
For girls who like a bit of coverage, consider a playsuit or full swimsuit.
Ted Baker floral swimsuit: ASOS
Pleated mesh monokini swimsuit: Forever 21


Summer sandals at Littlewoods

Monday, 18 June 2012
Above: Clarks wedge sandal
Above: Love label Mindil sandal
Above: Miss Sixty sunny flip flops

Colours of flip flops
From sparkly to natural, from wooden to gold, there’s a massive range of coloured flip flops available to suit any sensibility. Changing the colour of your shoes changes your look dramatically, so if you’re looking to add some life to your wardrobe, or trying to de-dazzle your dresses so as not to attract quite so much attention, here’s a run-down of the different colours of flip flops on offer.

Silver and Gold
The ultimate in glitzy glam, adding silver or gold flip flops to a simple black dress provides the perfect finishing touch. Sometimes, picking the right shoes can be tough. High heels can make you feel overdressed, not to mention the aching feet the next morning.

Gold or silver flip flops make the perfect addition to your outfit, meaning you feel sexy, special and dressed for the occasion.

Natural wood
From Birkenstocks to cushioned toes, natural flip flops in wood or cork provide not only comfort, but style too. Equally at home on the beach or out for the evening they are fantastic for helping to carry off a casual and laissez faire look. Mix them with absolutely anything from a denim skirt to a pair of Capri pants and a white shirt. They’ll keep you cool, comfy and looking bang on trend.

Flip flops don’t always have to be simple, many come with elegant corsage patterns. Flowers and bows on your toes are sure to keep the compliments coming in, and there are really no rules about where you can wear them.  

Try teaming them with a summer vest top and a short fitted skirt for that girly summer look. Slip them on by the side of the pool to compliment your bikini, or dress them up and wear them to a party.

Muted colours
Pale reds, navy blue or dark brown, muted colours are definitely a must for those of you wanting to bare your feet this summer without the worry of making sure your feet match your outfit.

If you feel that your outfit is a little over the top you can tone it down with a pair of muted flip flops for the ultimate smart casual look that ensures you will be looking stylish and relaxed. 


Hidden Trends

Thursday, 7 June 2012
Designers. I'm talking independent designers. The ones that have their own little boutique hidden in the back streets. I saw loads of them in Australia and Hong Kong. Shame I didn't have enough space in my suitcase to splash out on the million of items I fell in love with. Seriously, I had to pinch myself. Control my hands. It was torture! Especially in Hong Kong. I promise to fly back there some time soon and make my bank manager very unhappy! Of course, that means making him happy for a long time before I can do that. In other words, cash in before splashing out.
I'd love to spread the word and tell all on the whereabouts of these stores, but unfortunately with my sense of direction skills, quite frankly I can't remember the exact location! I was too excited with the gorgeous clothes to care what street I was on. That's why I'm glad I had a local to take me around. There were loads everywhere, but I particularly remember a shopping centre full of these stores. I'd like to say it was somewhere around Tsim Sha Tsui (I know, not very helpful). A very small, tight (typical of Hong Kong) shopping centre with floors of independent boutiques.

On the other hand, I can tell everyone that if you're after bargain items in Hong Kong, markets are the place to go. Just remember to haggle like you've never haggled before because lets face it, we all love a bargain!
Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Ladies' market, Hong Kong


Diamond Jubilee Trends

Sunday, 3 June 2012
Whether you care about the diamond jubilee or not, you have to admit all the great discounts and offers going on at the moment 'to celebrate the event' is great. All of a sudden you love the Queen! Since coming back from Australia I can't seem to remember what day it is. If it wasn't for all the union flags flying around at the moment I can easily get by without realising.
Since I've been deprived of Starbucks for so long (cannot find one in Perth?!) I nearly squeaked at the 'happy hour' offer - half price on ALL frappuccino between 3pm - 5pm daily (ends 5th June).
Starbucks Mocha cookie crumble

For every fashionista drinking Starbucks is just as important as sporting the latest IT bag.
ASOS Tee; £12
ASOS dip back vest; £20
Lets be really British for the next few days...I need a cup of tea and an umbrella in that case!


Australia/Hong Kong Photo Diary

Friday, 1 June 2012
A month away, a month with no blogging! I felt like something was missing in my life. That's what happens when you're working in news journalism. You have no time for anything, just work. The word 'deadline' makes your blood pressure rise to its highest point, and you don't know when it'll go back to normal! But I must admit, it has been the best thing for my career, not many people can say they received a present from the Lord Mayor of Perth (note: I only accepted it because I was not being paid on the job)!
As I settle back into British lifestyle, I give you a mini photo diary of my trip...
Australia, Perth 
Gift from the Lord Mayor of Perth
Photoshoot on Rottnest Island (30mins from Perth)

Hong Kong
It's all about the street food in Hong Kong!

Of course there are more photos, click here to view more. I'll get back into blogging once I get over this reverse homesick syndrome! :(