Tights Please for Autumn

Friday, 28 September 2012
Can't believe I'm actually a little excited that autumn is upon us. Something about oversized knits, and layers of clothing gets my approval.
However, I'm not looking forward to wearing tights again, it's like wearing jeans! So, imagine my delight at receiving a pair of hold-ups from the lovely team at Tights Please.

Perfect for covering my pale legs minus the crotch-tugging situation! After wearing them for a London Fashion Week after-party, I can safely say they held up. Although these are denier 20, being satin material the quality is pretty good, definitely not the fragile type to rip or ladder. 
Out of all the hold-ups I've tried, these are definitely my favourite. The fabric feels tough, almost like opaque 60 tights yet you get a denier 20 look.

The only 'problem' I'd say I had was the fact that I kept having to pull my skirt down to cover the lace being on show. The width at the top area of the hold-up is quite wide. The highest I could get the hold-up to sit is about nine inches above my knee. This is something that is stated on their website so no surprises there. 
This would be okay for people who want to flash a bit of lace, but if like me, you are trying to pretend that you're wearing tights then it's slightly irritating.

Nevertheless, that won't stop me from wearing them as the quality is pretty decent compare to my other pairs so, this is definitely a keeper for me.

What are your thoughts, do you guys prefer hold-ups over tights?

Cette Paris Hold Ups £18.99
Image: tights please.co.uk


Silvia Couture said...

Yeah Im back to blogging I actually missed it! :) great post I totally agree about leggings falling down sometimes and these are a perfect sexy alternative! Can't wait to see you style them!


Giovanna said...

Very cute! Loving those tights! They definitely have that extra something!


Kacie said...

I am so glad that Australia is entering spring, I have been envious of all the spring/summer blog posts around the world while we patiently wait!


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