London Fashion Week Begins!

Friday, 15 February 2013
Happy London Fashion Week fashionistas!

This season I'll be attending as Press instead of Photographer. This is good for a few reasons. For a start, I don't need to be carrying a ton of heavy equipment with me, which my arms and shoulders are thankful for. Plus, I can actually enjoy the show and the clothes instead of concentrating on the aperture, shutter speed and whether some idiot is in my shot or not! Besides, I must admit I can never remember which show is which from 'watching' the show through a lens. I'll leave that to the hardcore photogs this season!

So, armed with my notepad and iPhone (and ever so important invites) I'm ready for five days of fashion minus the mayhem!
Chinese New Year 'Red pocket' greetings reads: (top to bottom) May all your wishes be fulfilled, Prosperity


Happy 'Snake' Year!

Sunday, 10 February 2013
For those of you who do celebrate...Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Water Snake.

To tie in Chinese New Year with your wardrobe, all you need is red, and that includes your undies! I've picked out some cute items here which could also be worn on Valentine's day, if you happen to have a date...
Skater Dress; ASOS £25

Plunge V neck flare dress: ASOS £40
Stella McCartney Marguerite, Bra £40 Briefs £25: via ASOS
I'm so in love with soft cup bras, love this pattern. Comfy and pretty, whats not to love!

Military Drop Back Coat: ASOS £100 now £40
Can't forget your lips. Topshop lipsticks are pretty decent for the price, not super moisturising but not too drying. I find it lasts about 3 hours before I need to reapply.
Lipstick in Bright Coral: Topshop £8


Pre-Chinese New Year Wardrobe

Friday, 8 February 2013
Two more days until Chinese New Year, which means the tradition of cleaning is upon us! I do follow some traditions, cleaning is now reflex for me. Although they say it's to 'clean away all the bad luck to welcome the New Year', I do it because I've gotten so use to it and feel dirty if I don't!

Another good to come out of this is I've found loads of clothes that I didn't know existed. Plus, this time, I've set a rule of throw out anything that I haven't worn in the past year, no ifs and buts! I'm always the culprit for saying 'I might wear this someday' or 'what if I need that'.
Well, I've finally put my foot down. I, like most of us ladies, use to only wear about 10% of my wardrobe, now have a wardrobe full of clothing I'd actually wear.

Some items will be given to family members, others to friends and the majority to charity (about 10kg)! After years of keeping those 'ifs and buts' items, they all finally have a home and my wardrobe is no longer an eye sore.

...clothes slipping off, impossible to add anything else on rails, clothes stuffed to the top!

...non-slip hangers save the day, gaps on the rail, and I can actually see the back of my wardrobe!
Non-slip velvet hangers: Primark £4 per pack of 10
Please excuse the random black hanger, I thought I bought enough hangers but it turns out I need more than 60. I will get more. My plan of bright pink hangers for tops and dresses, lilac for skirts, and light pink for shorts did NOT work out damn it!