Happy 'Snake' Year!

Sunday, 10 February 2013
For those of you who do celebrate...Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Water Snake.

To tie in Chinese New Year with your wardrobe, all you need is red, and that includes your undies! I've picked out some cute items here which could also be worn on Valentine's day, if you happen to have a date...
Skater Dress; ASOS £25

Plunge V neck flare dress: ASOS £40
Stella McCartney Marguerite, Bra £40 Briefs £25: via ASOS
I'm so in love with soft cup bras, love this pattern. Comfy and pretty, whats not to love!

Military Drop Back Coat: ASOS £100 now £40
Can't forget your lips. Topshop lipsticks are pretty decent for the price, not super moisturising but not too drying. I find it lasts about 3 hours before I need to reapply.
Lipstick in Bright Coral: Topshop £8



Lauren said...

Loving the second dress from H&M..so sexy!! And happy lunar new year!! xo

Emma Davidson said...

love the 2nd dress!! xoxo

Emma <3
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Kri said...

they all look so elegant and amazing! i have yet to try to celebrate CNY! looks like a lot of fun! hope you had a great time!

his little lady said...

Absolutely LOVING that Asos dress! To fabulous!
xo TJ

GlassesShop said...

your picks are gorgeous.