London Fashion Week Begins!

Friday, 15 February 2013
Happy London Fashion Week fashionistas!

This season I'll be attending as Press instead of Photographer. This is good for a few reasons. For a start, I don't need to be carrying a ton of heavy equipment with me, which my arms and shoulders are thankful for. Plus, I can actually enjoy the show and the clothes instead of concentrating on the aperture, shutter speed and whether some idiot is in my shot or not! Besides, I must admit I can never remember which show is which from 'watching' the show through a lens. I'll leave that to the hardcore photogs this season!

So, armed with my notepad and iPhone (and ever so important invites) I'm ready for five days of fashion minus the mayhem!
Chinese New Year 'Red pocket' greetings reads: (top to bottom) May all your wishes be fulfilled, Prosperity



Mindy Fan said...

You are so lucky to be able to go! And not have to worry about getting that perfect photo! I wish I was in your position haha!

I Follow you now by the way!
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