Gorgeous braids

Saturday, 25 January 2014
I've always loved plaits. As a child my mum use to always plait my hair in fish tails. I never knew that there were other ways to do it! The most simple three piece braid, and the rope braid were only introduced to me when I saw other girls at my school doing them…if only there was Youtube back then!

Anyhow, I still stick to my childhood favourite fish tail braid whenever I need to jazz up my hair. Instantly I've added some romantic feel to my look and it makes me feel elegant. Plus, it really does add some texture to flat hair. I always braid one side of my hair then pin it back into a low bun when I'm on duty with the ambulance. So, it doesn't matter what the occasion is, there's always a type of braid that will suit you.

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I ive in braids in the Summer as my super thick hair will not stay up in a high bun. But in the Winter I just do side braids and keep the hair down to use as a scarf! Which braids are your go-to style?


Daring Trend for Men: AW14

Saturday, 18 January 2014
What do you girls (guys) think of the trends seen at Menswear Fashion Week last week?

Personally, I can't see every man out there sporting a skirt, nor can I imagine them carrying a man bag as seen at J.W. Anderson. Yet, somehow it works on the catwalk. Something about the lights, camera and model's glass-cutting jawline that makes it all relevant.

J.W. Anderson AW14

Alan Taylor AW14

As usual, we saw some ready-to-wear collections and some well...not so ready-to-wear pieces. James Long gave us shell suits while Burberry had mesh vests paired with their signature macs. 

James Long AW14

Burberry Prorsum (Men's) AW14

Nothing can get more crazier than futuristic designs as seen at Kay Kwok. It does makes a great photo though...
Kay Kwok (presented by GQ China) AW14

Nonetheless, it was another great showcase of craftsmanship. 

All images: London Collections.co.uk


Fave Trend: Faux Leather

Saturday, 11 January 2014
Nothing looks more cute than pairing faux leather with a fluffy jumper. I'm completely in the mood for styling my new faux leather skirt with a cropped cosy jumper.

New Look Leather-look skirt

Pinterest TheWhitePepper

To make the skirt more work appropriate I'd pair it with a cute loose shirt tucked in, a smart blazer and a tote bag. For shoes I'd opt for shoe boots, but if you're petite go ahead and add some length to those pins! On the other hand, who am I kidding, 
I suck at wearing heals…I'll probably end up wearing flats!

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Thanks for reading xoxo


Fresh start…writing or photography?

Sunday, 5 January 2014
After nine months of not blogging, I no longer have any excuse aside from the fact that I'm not as talented as most bloggers (squeezing any time possible to blog).
I must admit, I've sidetracked from writing and moved more towards photography in the past year or so.

Fashion photography is definitely just as time consuming than writing, if not more. It became clear that nothing is easy if you don't try harder.

However, a new year means a new me and a new blog. I'll definitely be getting into the habit of updating my blog more often. 

Here's wishing you all a productive 2014; fulfilling all of your New Year's resolutions, all while staying stylish people!

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