Chinese New Year: Red alert

Saturday, 1 February 2014
Happy New Year! Whether you're Chinese or not, I hope you gallop your way to success in the year of the horse!

Back to fashion, because girrrl, you always have to be stylish! I had a lot of people ask me about Chinese new year traditions. There are so many I can't follow all of them, but fashion-wise I always wear red. Lets face it, that's an easy thing to follow. From underwear to accessories, clothes to make-up, red is a wearable colour for everyone.

I love a fire red lipstick. It doesn't just look pretty for everyday occasions, apparently wearing red lipstick actually makes you look more professional when in the boardroom. No matter how smart you dress, there's something about a slick of red lippy that says 'I mean business'.

I bought this lipstick years ago, but since I have about a thousand lipsticks (a metaphor obviously), I'm still working my way through this!

If you're in a hot country, you can get away with a floral red summer dress. Otherwise, us pasty skin people can opt for cosy red knits and faux fur coats. Anyhow, where ever you are in the world have a smashing time!

Wearing: floral dress from Cult Superdry

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❤â„‹abanero❤ said...

Great post!!!

Saranda Walgaard said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!

xoxo Saranda

Shes Dressing Up said...

I love Topshop's lipstick <3!