Halloween is coming, it’s time for the baby to make a pumpkin lantern. Let’s try it. Are you making cute or ‘terror’.

Production Steps


step 1

We first pick a pumpkin that looks like a “handsome”, and looks beautiful after it is made.


Step 2

We used a knife to open a hole in the top of the pumpkin and hollow out the inside.


Step 3

We draw the shape we want to make. Which shape to make, you can do it according to your own imagination, or find some demonstrations. But before you do, be sure to draw the shape and avoid invalidating it.


Step 4

We started with a knife to gently scribe and outline the general outline. Confirm that there is no problem, and carve the whole pumpkin empty. Pay attention to safety when scribing, don’t hurt your fingers.


Step 5

It took us about an hour to finish our own DIY’s “handsome” pumpkin lantern.


Step 6

Put a small candle to light, the effect is good. So far, DIY’s ‘horror’ pumpkin lantern has been done. Halloween is coming, are you ready?