Chrismas is a grand festival. On this day, everyone enjoys all kinds of delicious foods and get presents from Santa Claus. Do you know what kinds of foods are available in different countries?

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Roast Turkey

Roast turkey is a delicious food. The main raw materials are poulytry turkey from North America. The main food ingredients are poultry and turkey from North America. Roast Turkey is an essential food on Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. Tools used to roast turkey are mainly electric ovens and more primitive charcoal.

The turkey is marinated with various spices before roasting. The whole roast, chicken skin is dark brown, and there are many mixed foods in the stomach, such as broken bread. The roast turkey is golden in color, the skin is oily and not crack, and the chicken is tender and smooth. Slice with a knife, pour the marinade, sprinkle with salt and eat deliciously.

world-famous these 8 Christmas foods

Christmas Cake

Christmas cakes are fruit cakes which are eaten at Christmas in the UK, Ireland and many Commonwealth countries. A pound cake with a lot of dried fruit is used as a base, and decorated with icing, cream, Christmas decorations,etc.

The top of the cake is usually covered with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ with chocolate or jam and surrounded by Christmas candles. Candles are small and colorful, and it is blown out by the owner, and then everyone eats the cake. People sometimes put three beans in the cake represent the Three Wise Men in the Bible story. Whoever eats the beans becomes the Three Wise Men, which is very interesting.

world-famous these 8 Christmas foods

Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding is definitely an essential traditional dessert for English Christmas. The British Christmas pudding is very exquisite. It is made of bread, lemon peels, raisins, rum, etc. It is smooth and delicious.

Today’s Christmas pudding is derived from the traditional Christmas food milk porridge and dried fruit pudding. Therefore, although there are no plums in the ingredients of Christmas pudding, it is also called dried fruit pudding, which has become a new member of the Christmas cuisine.

Traditionally, whenever Advent is coming, each family member must work together to create a Christmas pudding that symbolizes unity and harmony. Everyone will silently make a wish when stirring the dough, and finally will hide a coin in the dough.

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