Chrismas is a grand festival. On this day, everyone enjoys all kinds of delicious foods and get presents from Santa Claus. Do you know what kinds of foods are available in different countries?


Gingerbread is a small shortbread at Christmas. It is usually made of ginger, flour, honey, brown sugar, almonds, candied peels and spices. Now there are many kinds of patterns, including chocolate gingerbread, gingerbread house and so on.

world-famous these 8 Christmas foods

Christmas Salmon

Salmon is a must-have on the Christmas table and is very diverse. The Sashimi marinate in sugar and salt for three days is delicious with lemon juice and mustard. Smoked salmon and boiled salmon are also very flavorful.

world-famous these 8 Christmas foods

Smoked Ham

Smoked ham should be the most traditional main dish at Christmas dinner. Not only convenient to eat, but also to meet the needs of a large number of festival meals, and do not fear the rest. Smoked ham often coated with a sweet sauce, such as honey or cherry pomegranate sauce.

world-famous these 8 Christmas foods

Christmas Red Wine

Christmas red wine is one of the hot drinks that Germans must drink at Christmas. It is a heated red wine. In addition to the ingredients of the general red wine, the manufacturer also adds a variety of flavors, such as cinnamon, honey, lemon, and even fruit spirits, to make the taste more varied. Many Germans will have a hot Christmas red wine to warm up after finishing the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. It is a very distinctive drink.

world-famous these 8 Christmas foods


The pierogis are topped with a variety of different ingredients such as melted butter, fried onions or skwarki.

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